You can search for the most recent Food Facility/Restaurant or Swimming Pool Inspection information below. This information is updated weekly and is current through last Friday. Swimming pool facilities listed include both public and semi-public type pools.

These records include the most recent inspection results for approximately 700 fixed food facilities and 95 public and semi-public swimming pools that are permitted to operate in Ector County. These food facilities include restaurants, bars, grocery stores, convenience stores, school cafeterias, and markets. There are several other types of food facilities which are inspected and permitted by the Ector County Health Department which are not included on this website including mobile food vehicles and food carts.  Public swimming pools include the 3 City of Odessa pools and 1 spray park, along with several facilities open to the public that charge a fee.  Semi-public pools include apartments, hotels/ motels, home-owner associations, public schools and private clubs.

The information available here includes: food or pool facility name and address, date of last inspection, type of inspection, inspection results, and identification of major violations noted for most inspections conducted since July 1, 2015. 

PLEASE BE AWARE: This search page may include both FOOD establishments and POOL facilities; we apologize in advance for the confusion this might create.  Our government software provider was unable to separate them.


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