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Address 2098 BROADWAY

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Phone 650-701-0709

The inspection history you have selected is displayed below.  Each inspection may have zero or more violations.  A description of the violation is displayed by clicking on the specific violation. This description is representative of the type of violation observed and not the actual violation.

Violations posted here and noted on the inspection form represent conditions found during the actual inspection.  The facility's present condition may be substantially different.

The food facility operator must make a copy of the most recent inspection report available to the public. All inspection reports are also available for public review, by appointment, at the San Mateo County Environmental Health Office.   Appointments may be made electronically by filling out the File Review form.

San Mateo County Environmental Health requires that all retail food facilities have one inspection annually.

To file a complaint about a food facility in San Mateo County call (650) 372-6200, submit an Online Complaint Form or email us at

Inspection Details

      18. Compliance with variance, specialized processes & HACCP Plan - NOT APPLICABLE
      28. Washing fruits and vegetables - NOT OBSERVED
      32. Food properly labeled & honestly presented - IN COMPLIANCE
      39. Thermometers provided and accurate - OUT OF COMPLIANCE
      03. No discharge from eyes, nose and mouth - IN COMPLIANCE - Major
      12. Returned and re-service of food - IN COMPLIANCE - Major
      23. No insects, rodents, birds or animals present - IN COMPLIANCE
      08. Time as a public health control; procedures & records - NOT APPLICABLE
      33. Nonfood contact surfaces clean - IN COMPLIANCE
      13. Food in good condition, safe and unadulterated - IN COMPLIANCE
      44. Premises; personal/cleaning items; vermin proofing - IN COMPLIANCE
      27. Food separated and protected - OUT OF COMPLIANCE
      11. Proper reheating procedures for hot holding - NOT OBSERVED - Major
      16. Compliance with shell stock tags, condition, display - NOT APPLICABLE
      36. Equipment, utensils and linens: storage and use (CO2 tanks) - IN COMPLIANCE
      47. Signs posted; last inspection report available - IN COMPLIANCE
      34. Ware wash facilities: installed, maintained, used; test strips - IN COMPLIANCE
      26. Approved thawing methods in use - IN COMPLIANCE
      49. Plan review - NOT APPLICABLE
      17. Compliance with Gulf Oyster Regulations - NOT APPLICABLE - Major
      02. Communicable disease; reporting, restrictions & exclusions - IN COMPLIANCE - Major
      10. Proper cooking time and temperature - IN COMPLIANCE - Major
      15. Food obtained from approved source - IN COMPLIANCE - Major
      20. Licensed health care facilities/public & private schools: prohibited foods not offered - NOT APPLICABLE - Major
      01a. Demonstration of knowledge - IN COMPLIANCE - Minor
      30. Food storage; food storage containers identified - IN COMPLIANCE
      22. Sewage and wastewater properly disposed - IN COMPLIANCE
      43. Toilet facilities: properly constructed, supplied, cleaned - IN COMPLIANCE
      38. Adequate ventilation and lighting; designated areas, use - IN COMPLIANCE
      37. Vending Machine - NOT APPLICABLE
      29. Toxic substances properly identified, stored and used - IN COMPLIANCE
      14. Food contact surfaces: clean and sanitized - IN COMPLIANCE
      40. Wiping cloths; properly used and stored - IN COMPLIANCE
      21. Hot and cold water available - IN COMPLIANCE
      19. Consumer advisory provided - NOT APPLICABLE - Minor
      09. Proper cooling methods - OUT OF COMPLIANCE - Minor
      41. Plumbing; fixtures, back flow devices, drainage - IN COMPLIANCE
      35. Equipment/utensils-approved; installed; clean; good repair; capacity (prep sinks, refrigerators) - OUT OF COMPLIANCE
      45. Floors, walls and ceiling: built, maintained and clean - IN COMPLIANCE
      25. Personal cleanliness and hair restraints - IN COMPLIANCE
      42. Garbage/refuse properly disposed; facilities maintained - IN COMPLIANCE
      46. No unapproved sleeping quarters - IN COMPLIANCE
      06. Adequate hand washing facilities: supplied and accessible - IN COMPLIANCE
      31. Consumer self service - NOT APPLICABLE
      48. Permit available - IN COMPLIANCE
      05. Hands clean and properly washed; proper glove use - IN COMPLIANCE
      24. Person in charge present and performs duties - IN COMPLIANCE
      01b. Food safety certification and food handler cards: valid, available for review - IN COMPLIANCE - Minor
      07. Proper hot and cold holding temperatures - OUT OF COMPLIANCE - Minor
      04. Proper eating, tasting, drinking or tobacco use - IN COMPLIANCE - Minor

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