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Facility Details
Address 14850 NE 24TH ST
Redmond, WA 98052
Phone 917-438-8860

Inspection Type



Return Inspection



Routine Inspection/Field Review



-Wiping cloths improperly used, stored
-Raw meats, poultry, aquatic foods not stored away from ready-to-eat foods
-Food not protected from potential contamination during preparation, storage, display
-Room temperature storage, improper use of time as a control, procedures not available
-Inadequate hand washing facilities
-Improper cooling procedures
-Hands not washed as required
-Utensils, equipment, linens improperly stored, used, handled
-Improper sewage, waste water disposal
Return Inspection



Routine Inspection/Field Review



-Proper Consumer Advisory not posted for raw or undercooked foods
-Improper hot holding temperatures (< 130 F )
-Improper cold holding temperatures (>45 F)
-Room temperature storage, improper use of time as a control, procedures not available
-In-use utensils improperly stored

Inspection violations and points

Inspections are based on regulations to eliminate risk factors for food borne disease. Every violation of these regulations is color coded and has a numerical value based on the amount of risk they create.

-Red critical violations: These are violations with the highest risk of causing food borne disease. One red critical violation equals an unsatisfactory inspection. Environmental Health Specialists work with operators to make sure that red critical violations are corrected before they leave the establishment.

-Blue violations: These are violations related to the maintenance of the establishment and cleanliness.

  • 35 or more red critical violation points require a re-inspection within 14 days.
  • 90 or more red critical violation points require the establishment be closed.
  • 120 or more total (red & blue) points also requires the establishment be closed.

Establishments are allowed to reopen when they have remedied the conditions that led to the closure, submitted a plan of correction to prevent recurrences, amd obtained a reinspection.

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Last Updated: 11/03/2010

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