The primary purpose for food facility inspections performed by Environmental Health is to prevent foodborne illness. When inspections are performed, observed violations are identified as either "Major" or "Minor."

Major Violations (identified in red) need to be corrected immediately because they are most likely to result in foodborne illness. Major violations typically fall into one of the following five categories identified by CDC as the major risk factors for foodborne illness:

  • Food from unsafe sources
  • Inadequate cooking
  • Improper holding temperatures
  • Contaminated equipment
  • Poor personal hygiene

Minor Violations (identified in blue) are less critical conditions that still need to be corrected in a timely manner because they create non-sanitary conditions for the preparation of food.

Note: Our web-based reporting system was updated on June 25, 2013 to include site-specific observations in addition to the violation categories. For inspections occurring after June 25, this new, more specific information can be obtained by clicking on any of the red or blue violation categories.


Food Facility Details

  1354 EAST Ave # E
  CHICO, CA 95926
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08/19/2014:  Follow-Up Inspection (No Fee)
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor -
  Preparation refrigerator bottom compartment temperature observed for air at 61 degrees Fahrenheit. Reportedly cold foods will be stored in ice until refrigerator repaired. Reportedly repair technician expected sometime today. Repair preparation refrigerator in kitchen to maintain potentially hazardous foods at or below 41 degrees Fahrenheit.
08/18/2014:  Regular Inspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor -
  During inspection of kitchen baffle hood filters observed with heavy accumulation of grease. Clean baffle hood filters to remove grease.
  Box of chicken observed stored on floor of walk-in refrigerator. Multiple containers of food observed stored on walk-in refrigerator shelves without covers or tops. Each food observed at or below 42 degrees Fahrenheit. Store foods with covers or tops on containers to prevent potential contamination of foods.
  a. During inspection of preparation refrigerator in kitchen guacamole in preparation top container observed at 47 degrees Fahrenheit at bottom of container and 44 degrees Fahrenheit in top of container. Air temperature in bottom compartment of preparation refrigerator observed at 69 degrees Fahrenheit. Foods moved out of preparation refrigerator and technician contacted to repair unit. b. Walk in refrigerator observed at 48 degrees air temperature. Guacamole observed at 41 degrees Fahrenheit, verde sauce/salsa observed at 41 degrees Fahrenheit, cooked pinto beans observed at 42 degrees fahrenheit. Walk-in refrigerator should be monitored for temperature.
  Preparation refrigerator air temperature in bottom of unit observed at 69 degrees Fahrenheit. Repair preparation refrigerator in kitchen to maintain foods at or below 41 degrees Fahenheit.
01/10/2014:  Follow-Up Inspection (No Fee)
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor -
12/31/2013:  Follow-Up Inspection (No Fee)
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor -
  Standing water in bottom of prep refrigerator. Repair within 7 days to maintain a clean, dry interior.
  No CA Food Handler cards available. Provide within 7 days for every employee involved with preparing and/or serving food and handling clean utensils.
12/19/2013:  Regular Inspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor -
  Observed leak at utensil sink faucet and sprayer. Repair.
  Observed food handler clean fingers by wiping on soiled wiping rag hanging on apron. Properly wash hands at hand sink when hands require cleaning. Do not hang cloth towels from apron.
  Clean behind and between nozzles of beverage dispenser to remove residues. Temperature gage on dishwasher read 108F during wash and rinse cycles; temperature 122F with Inspector's thermometer. Replace inaccurate temperature gage. Observed water dripping from prep refrigerator doors and saturated towels sitting on bottom inside lower section. REPEAT VIOLATION. Repair to maintain dry interior within 7 days.
  Observed 5 large buckets of cooked green salsa (135F+) and cooked chili verde (135F+) cooling in walk-in refrigerator. Do not cool foods in buckets as they are not approved for use with hot foods. When cooling cooked foods, place in shallow heat approved pans at depths of two inches or less and place immediately in walk-in refrigerator. Note: Cooling food moved to hotel pans during inspection.
  Observed food on steam table to be 100F-118F on very top layer of food and 158F-165F under top layer. Stir food being hot held often to evenly distribute heat.
  Observed cut out in FRP on wall by dishwasher. Repair to be smooth and easily cleanable.
  No hot water at front counter hand sink. Cashiers handle clean utensils at front counter; provide hot water at front hand sink within 7 days.
  Observed plastic wrap, which has not be approved for use with hot food, oven, etc. to be covering/sitting on foods in steam table. Provide oven-safe plastic, cover with approved lids or leave hot food uncovered.
  No CA Food Handlers cards available. Provide for all employees within 7 days and keep copies at facility. Note: Every employee who cooks, preps or handles food, including handling clean utensils, must have a CA Food Handlers Card.

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