The primary purpose for food facility inspections performed by Environmental Health is to prevent foodborne illness. When inspections are performed, observed violations are identified as either "Major" or "Minor."

Major Violations (identified in red) need to be corrected immediately because they are most likely to result in foodborne illness. Major violations typically fall into one of the following five categories identified by CDC as the major risk factors for foodborne illness:

  • Food from unsafe sources
  • Inadequate cooking
  • Improper holding temperatures
  • Contaminated equipment
  • Poor personal hygiene

Minor Violations (identified in blue) are less critical conditions that still need to be corrected in a timely manner because they create non-sanitary conditions for the preparation of food.

Note: Our web-based reporting system was updated on June 25, 2013 to include site-specific observations in addition to the violation categories. For inspections occurring after June 25, this new, more specific information can be obtained by clicking on any of the red or blue violation categories.


Food Facility Details

  208 CEDAR St
  CHICO, CA 95928
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05/23/2017:  Regular Inspection
Violations:Major - 1
 Minor -
  Observed many flies in the facility- abate immediately.
  Facility side-door was open during inspection. Keep all doors closed to prevent entrance of flies.
  Repair the broken door of the right-side prep refrigerator in cookline area. The left-side prep refrigerator in the cookline area is inoperable at this time. Repair this unit to maintain food at 41 deg.F or less.
  Replace the missing probe thermometer for checking cooking temperatures.
  Refill the empty paper towels at the prep area and wait station hand sinks. Refill the empty soap dispenser at the wait station hand sink.
  No Food Safety Manager certificate available. One person from this facility needs to pass an approved Food Safety Manager exam.
  Replace the inoperable light in the walk-in cooler.
  Clean floors and floor mats in the cookline area to remove food buildup.
  Observed potentially hazardous foods 53 deg.F in the right-side prep refrigerator. Adjust/repair this unit to maintain food at 41 deg.F or below. Observed flat of raw eggs and bacon 64 deg.F stored at room temperature that were reportedly being discarded.
08/31/2016:  Regular Inspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor -
  Prep bowl, soiled with greasy food debris, stored atop packages of bread at cookline. Mixing bowl soiled with pooled egg residue left atop prep refrigerator cutting board.
  Ice scoop stored directly on top of ice machine; store scoop in ice bucket/clean, dry container or in ice bin with handle up and out of ice. Cutting board stored on floor between wall and prep table (storing slicer). Eating utensils stored with handles down: spoons in cup atop Beverage-Air refrigerator, in cups on front counter and disposables in cups at wait station; store utensils with handles up.
  Cooked, whole potatoes cooling in large, deep stock pot inside walk-in refrigerator. Discussed that foods, especially potatoes, need to cool in shallow depths/pans inside refrigerator. Once cooling foods have internal temperature of 41F (checked with a probe thermometer) then food can be bulked/covered.
  Repair dripping utensil sink drain pipe and remove bucket collecting wastewater under sink.
  No test strips to check sanitizer concentrations for dish washer or wiping rag storage buckets readily available. Drain plugs not readily available; food handler was not trained as to location (on rack storing sautee pans adjacent to grill). Bottles of Ajax and silverware soaking solution on dish washer drainboard (for clean utensils); keep drain board clear.
  Provide digital probe thermometer so food handlers can check internal cooking temperatures, cold/hot-holding foods, foods in cooling process, etc.
  Chemical spray bottle hanging from rack storing sautee pans adjacent to grill. Label spray bottles to identify contents.
  Provide light covers for fixtures: inside walk0in refrigerator, hallway just outside of walk-in, at wait station.
  Hand sink partially obstructed by rolling cart. Wet wiping rag and soiled paper towel in hand sink basin.
  Manager's food safety certificate not readily available.
  Repair shelf (mounted on wall above 3-compartment sink) storing clean food containers to be smooth and easily cleanable. Pooled water on bottom of prep refrigerator (on right) and dripping water onto floor; repair.
  Container os raw chicken and beef on shelf above pooled egg and batter in bottom portion of prep refrigerator.

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