The primary purpose for food facility inspections performed by Environmental Health is to prevent foodborne illness. When inspections are performed, observed violations are identified as either "Major" or "Minor."

Major Violations (identified in red) need to be corrected immediately because they are most likely to result in foodborne illness. Major violations typically fall into one of the following five categories identified by CDC as the major risk factors for foodborne illness:

  • Food from unsafe sources
  • Inadequate cooking
  • Improper holding temperatures
  • Contaminated equipment
  • Poor personal hygiene

Minor Violations (identified in blue) are less critical conditions that still need to be corrected in a timely manner because they create non-sanitary conditions for the preparation of food.

Note: Our web-based reporting system was updated on June 25, 2013 to include site-specific observations in addition to the violation categories. For inspections occurring after June 25, this new, more specific information can be obtained by clicking on any of the red or blue violation categories.


Food Facility Details

  2490 FAIR St
  CHICO, CA 95928
Google Map
04/27/2015:  Regular Inspection
Violations:Major - 1
 Minor -
  a. Surface on shelf below stainless steel table rusted, worn. Repair shelf surface to be smooth, durable, non-absorbent, and easily cleanable.
  No single-use towels at bar hand washing sink. Refill single-use towel dispenser with towels for drying washed hands.
  Plastic wrapped meat in display/walk-in refrigerator 46 degrees Fahrenheit. Reportedly meat defrosted in refrigerator. Defrosting foods must be placed back in refrigerator once 41F has been reached.
  No sanitizer detected in bar dish washer rinse cycle. Repair dish washer to deliver chlorine sanitizer concentration at or above 50 ppm to glasses in rinse cycle.
  a. Ceiling in utensil washing room has peeling paint. Remove peeling paint from ceiling above utensil washing areas to prevent loose paint falling onto/into clean utensils.
  Faucet on utensil washing sink leaking. Repair leaking faucet.
  The following foods reportedly cooked on Wednesday or Saturday were 46 degrees Fahrenheit in walk-in refrigerator without cooling to 41 degrees Fahrenheit: Soup in 2 6 inch pans, Salsa verde in bucket, chili rellano sauce in small and medium bucket, enchillado rojo sauce in larger bucket, salsa burrito sauce in larger bucket, salsa arosco sauce in larger bucket. Mole sauce and chicken cooked this morning reheated to 165 degrees Fahrenheit and cooling process restarted. Potentially hazardous foods must be cooled rapidly from 135F-70F within 2 hours and from 70F-41F within an additional 4 hours. Food not meeting this Time-Temperature requirement must be discarded or reheated to 165F and re-cooled so they do. When cooling cooked foods, place in uncovered, shallow containers at depths of 2 inches or less and place immediately in walk-in refrigerator until 41F or below.
  Pico de Gallo 46 degrees Fahrenheit at top of container in food preparation top refrigerator in kitchen. Refrigerator being operated with ice in preparation top until replacement unit arrives. Maintain potentially hazardous foods at or below 41 degrees Fahrenheit.
  Tortillas stored in To-Go plastic bags for service to customers. Use product plastic bags or other washable containers to store tortillas for serving.
11/03/2014:  Regular Inspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor -
  Observed boxes of raw meat stored on shelf above carrots and celery. Boxes moved to another shelf during inspection. Store raw meats and eggs on bottom shelves or below produce and cooked foods.
  Tomatoes in preparation top of refrigerator observed above 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Tomatoes reportedly sliced/chopped and added to preparation refrigerator containers without cooling in walk-in refrigerator. Cool tomatoes after preparation to 41 degrees Fahrenheit before using in preparation refrigerator.
  No soap or dispenser at bar hand washing sink. Provide pump soap or other soap dispenser at bar hand washing sink.
  Rolling bulk food/ingredient containers observed without label identifying contents. Label each bulk food container identifying contents.
  Rice in rice cooker/warmer observed at 129 degrees Fahrenheit. Maintain potentially hazardous foods at or above 135F.
  Water on floor behind bar. Reportedly one refrigerator turned off to defrost block of ice; melting onto floor and bottom of refrigerator. Clean floor of bar and bottom of refrigerator to remove liquid.
  Uncovered beverage glass observed on shelf above produce preparation sink. Beverages for employees must have covers and straws. Provide separate location for employee beverages away from foods, food preparation.

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